The Executive Council – Honorable Council Members

Prof. Danny S.N. Wong
 Vice President (Academic) Retired, The Open University of Hong Kong

Academic and Management Advisors
Prof. Simon S.M. Ho
 Dean of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University.(since 2004)
 Vice Rector (Academic Affairs), University of Macau ending (since 2009)
 President, The Hang Seng University of Hon Kong (since 2014), FCRP
Dr. T.S. Lee, ex-Professor, Hang Seng College
Dr, Michelle Yik
 Div. of Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dr. Joyce Chang, JP
  Adjunct Professor, Gratia Cristian College

  Former Head of Dept of SW. Academic Dev. Dir.Hong Kong Shue Yan University, FCRP


Dr. Stephen Ng
 Past chairman of The Institute of Purchasing and Supply of Hong Kong, Adjunct Associate Professor, HKU, HKPU 
Dr. K.C. Li
Director of Research Office, OUHK,  Past President & former chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, Past Chairman of COPA, FCRP
Dr. Steven Shi
 Principal Consultant of Sigma Science and Management Resources Co. Ltd.-China
Dr. Ronald K. Chung
 Principal Consultant of Private Owned Limited, Ex-ET Business College – Academic
 VP, Chairman, CEO, & Director – Minghua Group (listed in NASDAQ (US), FCRP
Mr Collin Lau FHKSA, FCCA, LLM(CFL) (Distinction), RFP(Hon), FCRP(Hon)
 Former MD of Financial Institution - Asia
Mr Tam Siu Hing BSc, MA, ASA, FCRP
 Founder and Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Investors
Mr Raymond S.K. Fok
 Former Principal Lecturer of Middlesex University (UK), FCRP, DIrector of Chief Academic Adviser, Unity Learning Institute
Mr John Lau MBA, CRP
 General Manager, Investor Compensation Company Limited
Mr George Ng FCCA, CPA, CRP
 Non Ex Director of HK Listed Co.
Mr Timothy KW Ma, JP, FCRP
 Ngo's Consultant and advisor
 City University- Social Work

Honorable Legal Advisor
Mr K.Y. Lee,  Hau, Lau, Li & Yeung Solicitors and Notaries

Mr Kim F. Tang, Tang, Leung, Li & Tsang Solicitors

Honorable Professional and Business Advisory Management Advisors
Prof. Daniel Erdmann
 Dir. Gen. WMO
Miss Daisy Lam BGS, EMBA, FCRP, CRP, A.Mediator, Medidator & Conflict Mgr, FHKIoD, CPM, A. Mediation Assessor, Trainer, CSN (Negotiator)
 President, Vision Education Group
Mr Jeff Liang Tin Sing, LLB (Hons), MSC, DIC, MSC(eng), MA(ArbDR), FCIArb, MIET, MHKIE, A. Mediator, and Trainer
Dr. S.W. Chung Bernard, PhD, DBA, MEM, FCRP
 Managing Director of Funrich Ind. Co. Ltd,
Dr. Charles Kong
 Past President of International Management Association
 OSH & Environment Consulting Associate Ltd.
Mr. Stephen Chan MBA, CRP
 CEO of Professional Consultants and Associates
Mr. Luc Klein MBA
 Director/Consultant, Europe
Mr. C.L. Wong
 Ex-AGM – Operations, AVSECO, C&E Officer
Mr Lam Lo, FCRP, Peace Award in S. Korea 

Mr Fiske Wong Yuen Lung, Head of Agency Div., AIA Insurance Company                                                                                                
Mr Simon C.K. Lau CGA, ACIB, AHKIB
 Ex-GM & Head of Personal Banking Div.

Hon. Chairman
Dr. Freddii Lee  (Retired as 2024)
 Founder and Chairman of ICRM

Former Presidents
Dr. C.Y. Pang (2001-2004) PhD (Cambridge)
Mr K. F. Ng, Billy (2005-2006) BSc, FCRP
Dr. Danny Ha (2007-2011) Phd (Hon), BSc (Hon) -UK, MBA, CPM, FHKCS, MHKLA, MPMI, MIAPPM, MIEEE, MACM, APSNY, CISA, CISM, CSSLP, CRISC, CGEIT, CISSP, CRT, FCRP, CPM(Certified Professional Mediator), ISLA Award, ISO20000 Auditor
Ms Daisy Lam BGS, EMBA, FCRP, CCC, CM Assessor, A.Mediator, FHKIoD, CPM, MCM(WMO), Retail Assessor, Certified Strategic Negotiator,ISO Risk and Crisis 

Current Steering Executive Committees’ Members
  Dr.Danny Ha (Course Dev. & Training)

  Ms D. Lam ( Consultancy)     

Vice President*
Dr. Jacky Lam, FCRP Associate Director of BMT Limited
Miss Claren Suen MBA,CRP General Manager of Global Group Asia
Miss Eva Lam BA, MSc, FCRP Executive of Banking Corporation
Dr. Raymond S.K. Fok BA(Hons), PG Cert HE, MBA, FRSA, FHEA, FCMI, FHKIoD, FIHRM(HK), FHKQMA, FCRP, Head of Administration and Academic Programmes, Ex Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University London, Chief Academic Advisory                                                                                

Mr Louis L, Lam, FCRP, Director of Printing Factory, Peace Awardee of S. Korea 


Vice President *- Strategic Development

Mr Johnny Chan,MSc, CRP, Six Sigma, GM of HiTech Manufacturing Company


Vice President – Project Management

Ms Joanne Kwan, CSN


Vice President – Greater China Region, Strategic Initiatives and Training

Mr Jacky Luk, BA, MBA, CRP, Director of B&J Marketing Consultancy Ltd.

Team: Mr Yau kai Hung Wilson, BEng(SE0, MSc (ML), PMgr, PMP, DTM, CRP

            Ms Lou Sio Man, BA, MA, CRP


Vice President – Certification*


Vice President – Education & Training*
Mr Jimmy Chan MBA, FRM, CRP AVP, Financial Institution
Mr Paul Ng BA, FCRP, RPHM, FCIH, FHKIH, MHIREA Senior Property Manager, Property Management Sector
Mr Danny Poon LLB(Hon), MBA, FCCA, FCPA, FTIHK, ACIS, ACS, CRP A/Sr. Lecturer, Dept of Biz and MMgt
Miss Yvonne Wai MA, FCRP Quality and Training Manager
Miss Florence Cheng, MA, FCRP Biz Risk Control Manager
Miss Esabella Lau MSc, FCRP Edu Adm Manager

Vice President – Membership & Recruitment*
Mr Daniel Tao MBA, B.Bus, FCRP Manager, Public Transportation Co.
Miss Joyce Fok, BSc, MSc, CPA, FCRP CFO and Company Sec

Vice President – Corporate Sponsorship & Development*
Mr Jeffery Chan CPA, AHKSA, AAIA, ATIHK, RFP, CRP Accountant of Private Accounting Firm

Vice President – Marketing & Public Relations*
Mr George S.P. Ng FCCA, CPA, CRP Director, Listed Company
Mrs Elizabeth Zhang, PgD, MA, FCRP Director of Wealth Management

Vice President – Finance*
Miss May Tsue Sik Yu BCA, MSc, ASA, FHKAT, FCRP Finance, Listed Company
Honorary Secretary *
Miss Yvonne Lee, BA, Pdip in Psy, MA, CM/FM in US                  Ms Brenda Cheung



The awardees names whose first letter appears earlier in the alphabet comes first in alphabetical order.

Mr Fok Yip Sang Gary, Chief Asset Management Officer (China), BSc (HKU), RPS in HKIS, RICS, HKIREA

Dr. Lam Sai Keung Alex, Founder & CEO of Galaxy Microsystems Ltd., Distinguised awardee in various awards 

Mr Lim Leung Yau Edwin, Managing Director, Market Head Relationship Management, HSBC Global Private Banking

Mr. Yeung Cheuk Hang Domonal, Founder &CEO, Entrepreneur of GDV Fine Wines, Certified Authenticator, 1st VP of Huaxia Lions Club

Mr. Lau Yan Wing, Technical Director of AECOM

Mr. Sammy Ngan Shum, VP of Haitong Securities International Group

Mrs Leung Suk Yu, International Mediation and Conflict Expert




With the prominent achievements in the serving industries, and professional contributions to the society, and/or our Institute, we are honored and delighted to have the following respectable and distinguished members as our Fellow Certified Risk Planner (FCRP):


Prof Danny S.N. Wong Vice President (Retired) The Open University of Hong Kong
Prof. Simon S.M. Ho President The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Dr. Joyce Chang, JP Head of Dept. of SW (Retired) University
Dr. Albert W.K. Wong Chairman & Director Financial Investment & Accounting 
Mr Billy K.F. Ng General Manager Retail Industry
Mr Collin Lau M.D. Banking
Miss Daisy M.H. Lam CEO Logistics & Supply Chain, Professional Training & Consulting
Mr Daniel T.L. Tao Manager Public Transportation
Dr. Danny Ha Director IT Certification and Private Owned Company
Dr. S.W. Chung Bernard Managing Director Manufacturing
Dr.TS Lee Retired University
Miss Terrenz Y.H. Wong Director University
Miss Eva O.W. Lam Sr. Manager Banking
Dr. Ivan C.P. Ng Financial Controller Real Estate and Property Investment
Dr. Jacky C.W. Lam Director Infrastructure 
Dr. Freddii Lee Director Business, & MMgt Consulting
Miss May S.Y. Tsue Finance Manager & Co Sec Oilfields Services
Mr Paul K. M. Ng Sr. Property Manager Properties Mgt Services
Dr. Raymond S.K. Fok Director Education and Training
Mr Stephen C.K. So Financial Analyst & Editor Financial Investment
Mr Wong Ching Lim AGM Aviation
Mr S.H.Tam Chairman & Director Financial Investment
Mr Timothy K.W. Ma, JP Executive Director NGO, & University
Mr Kwok Hin Ho Investment Advisor Legal Representative
Miss Useyama Anna District Director Insurance
Mr Davis K.P. Wong Executive Director Property Management
Mr Tsui Kwong Kin Director Construction
Miss Chung Rose District Director Insurance
Ms Choi Kwan Li Glendy Executive Director Eco Cons, Agricultural Tech & Infrastructure
Mr Raymond W.M. Mok GM & Board of Dir (Retired) Branded Business in Electronics
Mr Simon C.K. Lau GM  (Retired) Personal Banking
Ms Cheng Kit Yi Florence Manager Personal Banking
Miss Fok Sing Yan Joyce CPA Oilfields
Ms Lau Ying Ha Esabella Manager UK University
Ms Wai Kin Man Yvonne Manager 5 Stars Hotel
Ms Zhang Jia Qi Director, VP Private Enterprise
Mr Louis Lam Lo Director  Hi Tech Priniting Company
Mr Law Siu Hung Paul Chairman Motor Group
Mr Jacky Luk CEO Marketing Consultancy 
Mr Yau Kai Hung Sr. IT Project Manager Financial Institution
Mr Lin Hoi Kwong Aristo MD Finanical Institution

Note : * After re-nomination and election, all steering executive committee and working committee members will normally
serve the council for two (2) years.

updated on 4 April 2023