The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management ("ICRM"), a not-for-profit and self-regulating professional organization incorporated (Societies Ord.) since March 2001 in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is one of the leading conformity accreditation and certification organization to assist the business executives, professionals, and specialists in the development of risk and crisis management systems, and other certification. The Institute introduces the key concepts, knowledge, skills, and practices of international crisis and risk management systems and standards through the practical experience sharing, and knowledge and skills transferring to enhance organizations' competitiveness and individual's capabilities.

The Institute is operated in a business practices, and management model separately for achieving the optimal result. The respective scope of services consist of the best-practice crisis and risk management solutions for our customers to proactively and efficiently respond and recover from any uncertainties associated with political, economic, social instability and technological changes in nowadays dynamic business environment

We are a group of academic scholars, business and management professionals, and specialists, with in-depth practical experience in planning, development, implementation and assessment of corporate contingency plans; business crisis and risk prevention; operational issues, critical case plan, control management plan, and the management of specific incidents caused by either natural and/or human disasters or any deliberate hostile acts in the business organizations. We commit to join together to assist all business executives, professionals and management teams of organizations in sustaining the competitive edge and grabbing hold of potential business opportunities on the road to success with no interference by any critical situations of crisis and risk that affecting the daily business operations.

The ICRM has commitment to serve the community best by providing the professional standards of practice and codes of conduct for members. Upon a review of credentials or with training and assessment from the Institute, members are recognized in the accredited categories: "Certified Risk Planner/Professional (CRP)", Certified Crisis Consultant (CCC), Certified Continuity Planner (CCP), Certified Security Trainer (CST),  Certified Strategic Negotiator (CSN), Certified Professional Mediator (CPM) / CPM (Property), CPM (Family)" or other related designation for serving business executives, professions and practitioners. Not only the prospective applicant for professional designations can receive the lifelong training & professional development roadmap for this chosen professions through a series of quality modules together with assessment and interview for certification as CRP, CCC, CCP, CST, CPM, and CSN, but also the professional programmes have been designed in response to high demand from a wide variety of bodies and corporations interested in enhancing the skills and expertise knowledge of the business risk and crisis management professionals in Hong Kong, the Greater China Region, and Asia Pacific Region. All professional programmes of risk management, crisis management, dispute resolution, and security management have been designed to meet and be certified to an ISO standard. (International Organisation for Standardisation).

The ICRM is a not-for-profit, professional and non-political organization that renders a comprehensive range of solutions, on-site consultation service, and effective and value-added in-house training programmes. Our main scope of services include:


  • 24-hours emergency and contingency support, business continuity and disaster review, crisis & risk response, consultancy assistance, training and services;
  • Business risk and crisis impact analysis, organizational vulnerability assessment, and enterprise risk management with guaranteed confidential consultancy and advisory services;
  • Crisis management policy and procedures, strategies, decision options, plans, survey, assessment and physical audit, and simulated exercises with best practice recommendations;
  • Loss prevention and control programmes including corporate IT, safety and security, fraud prevention management; and issues management;
  • Protection of proprietary confidential information programmes in the company; and
  • Other specific and/or tailor-made in-house and business and/or management programmes, plans, or compliance list, such as issues management, mediation services & consultancy, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Please also refer to our for details of service scopes and membership information as well.

Lastly, we believe that our professional services would contribute a great extent of business benefits to you as well as your organization, and are very pleased to discuss in detail with you "how, where and what" we could assist as a long- term strategic business partner in all possible ways. We would like to contact you shortly and appreciate if we can meet when you are available. Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants / specialists at office Tel. No. (852) 3521 0798 or Fax. Tel. No. (852) 3690 5302 during office hours or email to us at