Our Objectives

The objectives of the Institute are to improve the prestige and status and maintain the competitive advantages in organizations during the period of business survival, growth and renewal, especially when facing with different types of crises and risk management issues by

  • working together with organisations to save human lives, and protect company assets, and information;
  • providing the strategic management solutions and best business and professional practices in managing the issues, negotiation and conflict resolution, mediation, and crisis and risks;
  • collaborating with organisations for the development and sharing with professional knowledge and skills, practical experiences and valuable information;
  • setting the foundation and platform for higher professionalism in and recognition for the business industry;
  • establishing the visible channel to position and recognize the interests of professional designations and setting up the professional standards and highest business ethics, professional code of conduct, and social responsibility among certified professionals; and
  • setting the standards and practices for recognition, accreditation, and certification of professional status and designations.