Major Benefits of Joining iCRM - CRP

When you become a member of The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management (ICRM) you join a business and satellite network with different prestigious and experienced business risk and crisis management professionals in the world.

There are different levels of membership and training programmes available. For details, please refer to the categories of membership and training programmes on the website.

Full Membership

  • Enhance an individual's professional development and career growth and opportunities in 21st century and beyond;
  • Help prepare you for greater responsibility and accomplishment;
  • Provide the personal networking with other professionals;
  • Develop strong recognition of your professional skills and knowledge by your peers and management;
  • Develop your multi-skills set, and portfolio;
  • Provide continuing professional advantages;
  • Provide free telephone professional consultation and advice to our active members; and
  • Recognition, Certification, and Accreditation as a member of a professional organization, and be certified as a "Certified Risk Planner -CRP (核准風險評估策劃師), Certified Crisis Consultant-CCC (核准危機管理顧問), Certified Continuity Planner-CCP, Certified Security Trainer-CST, and Certified Professional Mediator-CPM(專業調解員) " and other professional designations.
  • Assist members in the chosen career or provide the letter of reference.

Fellow Membership
  • Includes all the general benefits of individual benefits of individual full membership; however is exclusive to current individual members who are not formally certified;
  • ICRM automatically upgrades individual members who are the holder of our Institute’s designation to Fellow Member status.

Student Membership
  • Includes all the general benefits of individual membership, except the rights of joining the Steering Executive Committee;
  • Supporting information is expected within 30 days of application. ONLY full time students will receive the discount. In order to receive the discount, you must mail us a copy of the OFFICIAL CURRENT TRANSCRIPT(s) directly from your university or academic institutions to the ICRM office. (Original and Official transcripts will be only produced upon request).

Affiliate Membership
  • Access to all public areas of the websites;
  • Enjoy the discount on ICRM study, and activities;
  • Receipt of regular announcements via email and post regarding ICRM or other partners' meetings, activities and gatherings.

  • Bring substantial and value-added benefits to your organization;
  • Increase your core competencies and confidence to your employees, customers, partners, and other interested parties;
  • Provide objective and achievable benchmarks for validating skills;
  • Quests for speed and quality excellence in crisis and risk or related management planning;
  • Contribute to your competitive power advantage;
  • Assist as a hiring tool in the globalization atmosphere;
  • Provide the letter of reference;
  • Assist manage organization management development and success;
  • Increase morale, commitment and loyalty;
  • Brand for social responsibility, and premier organization.