CRP Introduction

Our Mission

The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management Limited ("ICRM") is established to be a professional self-regulatory organization to benefit the public in Hong Kong by fostering professional standards in business crisis and risk management planning and solutions.


Crisis and risk management planning is a relatively young field. As a concept and occupation, it emerged more than twenty years ago and has steadily evolved since then. In Hong Kong, crisis and risk management services are not yet fully regulated by any regulatory bodies. While different institutions including academic tertiary institutions, business and commercial organizations, public and private organizations, industrial sectors, accounting firms, banks, independent financial advisors and insurance companies are offering different risk and crisis management planning services to their clients under different marketing initiatives, there is no single designation in the market that will be immediately recognized by consumers to represent certified risk planning professionals. Moreover, there are very few quality and proper education and training programs available in the local market. Many multi-national and national organizations thus have to arrange their own in-house training programs at substantial costs.

In view of the dynamic changes in the business environment, and in response to high demand from a variety of bodies and corporations interested in this professional services, the need for Certified Risk Planners (CRP) will assist business investors and/or self-enterprises in formulating and implementing investment strategies that will meet with the long-term financial goals of the investors is imminent. In summary, it is timely for ICRM to introduce the CRP program in Hong Kong to ensure that the consumers are getting quality advice from certified professionals.

ICRM & CRP Certification

Established in March 2001, ICRM is authorized to be the sole licensing body for the Certified Risk Planner - CRP; and the CRP designated logo marks in Hong Kong. As the professional designation of CRP, ICRM is committed in promoting the CRP mark as the highest professional standard of competence and ethical practice in the business and commercial industry. ICRM will speak with one voice and one designation to regulators, the media, and the public about what the profession of certified risk planner is all about.


The professional designation of Certified Risk Planner (CRP) is widely accepted and recognized by different academic institutions and business and commercial industries in Hong Kong. It is a matter of absolute discretion for individual employers and/or organizations to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Use of CRP marks in Hong Kong

Use of CRP marks in Hong Kong is restricted to licensees who are authorized to have such rights by ICRM. Overseas CRP licensees are required to indicate the country in which they are licensed such as "CRP (HK)" when they distribute their business cards or other applicable materials containing the CRP Marks in Hong Kong.

ICRM and CRP Board reserve the right to take legal actions against any misuses of the CRP Marks in Hong Kong and misrepresentation of matters related to ICRM.

CRP, CERTIFIED RISK PLANNER and are common law certification marks owned by The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management Hong Kong Limited is the marks licensing authority for the CRP marks in Hong Kong, through agreement with CRP Board.