CRP Assessment

Professional Examination / Certification: Certified Risk Planner (CRP) Assessment

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Belief and Value of CRP Certification

As a professional certification of CRP program, we believe that:


  1. Business risk and crisis management is not only crucial to the success of the organization but also a core strategic function that preserves shareholder and stakeholder value in business and industry and ensures the ability of public and other organizations to provide vital services to their consumers and customers.
  2. Professional certification should offer an integrated process that achieves three key objectives:
    • Professional certification should assist the CRP holder in a realistic, achievable and measurable self-assessment of his or her knowledge and skill set and position within the profession.
    • Professional certification should verify that at the time of certification the individual has the needed knowledge, skills, and learnt experience typically required to work as a certified risk planner. CRP holders should have the necessary knowledge and experience to satisfactorily complete an examination. Although the practice and terminology of business risk and crisis management varies widely, the certification process should allow an experienced professional to satisfactorily demonstrate core competencies regardless of such variance.
    • Certification requires continual personal professional development to ensure its relevance and practicability in a changing world. Development activities should both assure the currency of the knowledge and skills of the professional and assist in the individual's professional career growth and advancement.
  3. CRP holders should be better prepared to perform their professional duties and responsibilities after successfully completion of the certification process than they were before starting it.
  4. Professional certification of CRP is a valuable personal credential that is portable and should be protected by CRP holders and by the certification program to ensure its belief and value.
  5. CRP holders are strongly encouraged to positively and proactively assist any organizations or business in any situations wherever and whenever they need assistance, and serve the community best.

Admission requirements



  1. To generally qualify for admission, participants should have one of the following requirements:
    • Professional diploma, or
    • Local recognized professional qualification, or
    • Professional Membership by certification from professional bodies, or an equivalent, or
    • University degree holder;
  2. At least three years’ working experience in the supervisory or managerial position in business; and
  3. Excellent recommendations from at least one referee (no more than three), preferably from his/her employer or immediate supervising officer.

Participants need to submit copies of relevant certificates/transcripts and work experience supporting document together with their enrolment form for assessment. Please do not send any original documents to the Institute in any circumstances as the Institute will not be responsible for any mislaid or lost of documents. However, original documents of the qualifications stated in the application must be presented for verification at registration / upon our request. Failure to do so shall lead to disqualification of the application and any offer made will be rescinded.

A non-refundable processing fee of HK$500. Cheque should be made to “The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management”.

Professional Certification of Certified Risk Planner (CRP):



  • Continuous assessment throughout the course
  • Projects: Individual/group assessment project: risk management report/crisis management plan, and checklists for selected industry or organization
  • Assessment: multiple choice for following modules
    • Corporate Asset Management
    • Business Operational Risk Management
    • Strategic Crisis Management
    • Sigma Approach to CRM Planning
    • Financial Management in Corporate Decision Making
  • Assessment: Case study for business ethics, professional code of conduct, and social responsibility


PROJECT - Assessment :Risk Management Report or Crisis Management Plan Risk /Crisis Management - Concepts/Systems and Solutions
PROJECT- Assessment: Risk Management Checklist Risk/Crisis Management - Statistical Calculations and Compliance
Professional Designation CRP-Assessment (MC) Multiple Choice - Key Concepts & Knowledge
Professional Designation CRP-Assessment (Case Study – Business Ethics, Professional Code of Conduct, and Social Responsibility) 5-8 Short Questions - Importance of Ethical Management and Decision Making


  • Participants who have successfully completed the programme will be awarded the “Professional Certificate in Certified Risk Planner (CRP), which is accredited by The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management. The professional designation of CRP has sound reputation and is highly accepted and widely recognized by the professional associations, commercial, industrial and business industry.
  • They are required to work on the final individual/group projects and achieve an overall 75% attendance rate. For those who choose to take individual modules will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of (individual module) in Certified Risk Planner by The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management.
  • For external course training providers, the examination for professional designation and administration cost is at HK$800.

Confidentiality of CRP assessment
All information contained in assessment is confidential to the participants, the facilitators, external examiners and the ICRM. The contents will NOT be shared with anyone outside the ICRM.

Under NO circumstances, will the examination fee, entrance fee and membership fee be refunded or transferred. Application results and assessment arrangements will be announced about two to four weeks time. NO alternative arrangements will be made to cater for individual needs. For certification process, participants MUST

(1) become a student of the course provider,

(2) submit their application form for CRP together with assessment fees, and

(3) pass the assessment.

They can send the details to The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management before taking the examination / assessment for certification process. Failure to do so, N0 assessment will be made on the requisite papers or projects. 

Appeal is permitted upon written request within 12 days after the issue date of result. 

An Assessment Committee appointed for each course determines course results. At the discretion of the appropriate Assessment Committee; participants who have marginally failed the assessment may be granted a single chance to re-sit the assessment. The administration cost is at HK$800.

If you DO NOT pay the fee before the designated deadline, it will be assumed that you do not wish to re-sit the course assessment. If you do not accept the resit offer, or are absent from the re-sit assessment, a "Fail" result will be recorded in the application form. No refund of payment will be made for any absentee.

Annual Membership
To continually qualify as a CRP, you have to pay the annual membership fee. Besides, you need to complete your CPD hours as laid down at the ICRM.