Membership Category

The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management (ICRM) 商業風險評估專業協會 is the widely recognized, self-regulated, accredited, and most influential professional and certification organisation in the Risk and Crisis Management industry and consulting services or industries today. With more than 1500 graduates from the designed programmes, and the professional education and qualification framework supports personal, academic and professional career education and development for the business and management sectors, on an international basis.

CRP -Certified Risk Planner is recognized as the benchmark of professionalism within the general risk and crisis management industry.

CRT -Certified Risk Trainer, CCC -Certified Crisis Consultant, and other professional designations are specially designed for an individual career growth and development in the training fields or professional crisis management consulting services respectively.

CPM - Certified Professional Mediator and other related designations are accredited to be a business, commercial and family mediator.

CST - Certified Security Trainer is accredited as a professional and competent trainer in the commercial and business security field.

Practitioners/specialists/trainers/consultants/mediators must complete demanding assessment and examinations to qualify. A diploma and/or professional certificate will be issued by our Institute when participants are successfully passed in the qualifying and professional examination. Fellowship is the highest professional qualification. All members who demonstrates further professional development or excellent profiles including a major achievement or contribution to the industry may apply for election to Fellowship.

Professional Membership Category
Our Institute have the following classes of membership and admission requirements:

Fellow Members 資深院仕
Persons who are executives of distinction in the business industry or the society with at least 10 years' of management experience in the business or persons who by special contribution have furthered the objects of the Institute. A member shall not be admitted as a Fellow Member before awarding a Full Member at least one full year save as under exceptional circumstances, in which case the admission has to be decided by the Council. Fellow Members are allowed to use the professional designation as "FCRP / FCPM / CST /FCCC" on their name card.

Honorary Members 榮譽
Persons of distinction or who in the opinion of the Council, have rendered outstanding contribution to the Institute, may be admitted by the Council as Honorary Members without payment of any subscription. Honorary Members are allowed to use the profession designation as "FCRP(Hon)" or" FCRP(Hon)".

Full Members
The prospective member having passed or exempted all of the required papers in the qualifying examination or assessment, plus a minimum of three years' relevant practical experiences, will be awarded full membership. Full members are allowed to use the post-nominal CPM, CRP or CRT or CST or CCC on their name card.

Corporate Members 商業風險評估專業協會▁公司會員
Corporations are interested in the activities of ICRM and will participate, sponsor, and support the mission and objectives of ICRM.

Graduate Members 商業風險評估專業協會▁畢業會員
Graduate Members are qualified for those who have completed all papers of the qualifying examination or exemptions but have less than 3 years' relevant practical experiences.

Member / Associate Members 商業風險評估專業協會▁普通聯繫會員
Persons who have less than three years' management experience but are interested in the activities of ICRM and support the mission and objectives of ICRM. The designation is "MICRM" or "AICRM".

Affiliate Members 商業風險評估專業協會▁普通附屬會員
People with keen interest and enthusiasm in the furtherance of ICRM's mission and objectives, but not necessarily have any ties with the related industry or management fields.

Come To Join Us!

Note: The one-off joining fee for CRP / CPM / CRT / CCC / CST or other memberships, such as the entrance fee (inclusive of a non-refundable fee for administration and evaluation or certificates) are laid down in the following table. The examination fee is HK$1000, and please refer to the CRP assessment for details. If your employer is a corporate member, you are entitled to have a special discount of 15% on the joining fee, 10% on the annual membership fee, and 10% on all ICRM's training programme.

Existing members of ICRM may apply and upgrade their professional membership to a different tier at anytime if they meet the professional requirements of the next higher tier. The applicants have to pay the entrance & assessment fee and annual membership fee for the new tier.

MEMBERSHIP FEES are effective for one year from the date you join. Any members who fail to renew his/her membership, he/she needs to re-submit an application for membership for validation and certification purposes and shall pay the entrance fee and membership fee again. Besides, it is a matter of discretion for individual employers/organizations to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

With effect from 1st January 2012, the membership fees are revised as follows:

Category Designation Requirements Entrance & Assessment Fee HK$ Annual Membership HK$ Certification Process Voting Status
Corporate Member - Maximum for 6 representatives within company - 5000 - - -
Fellow (Full Member) FCRP Substantial consulting and auditing experiences, contributions to ICRM & the industry 3000 1000 Invitation / Examination / Interview Certification process Voting
Honourary Fellow / CRP Member FCRP / CRP (Hon) By Invitation and contribution - - - - -
Full Member Certified Risk PLANNER (CRP) CRP Related academic qualifications & demonstrated by his/her relevant management experience in the industry 3000 600 Examination / Interview Certification/ Recertification process Voting
Full Member Certified Risk / Security TRAINER (CRT)

Related academic qualifications and demonstrated by his/her relevant training experience in the industry 3000 1000 Examination / Interview Certification process

Examination Grade on B or above
Full Member Certified Crisis CONSULTANT (CCC)
CCC Related academic qualifications and demonstrated by his/her relevant consulting experience in the industry 3000 2000 Examination / Interview Certification/ Recertification process Voting
Associate Member ICRM Professional Qualification / Degree 500 300 Open for application Membership committee approval Non-Voting
Graduate Member ICRM 1-3 year' related work experience, & aged 25+ 300 200 Open for application Membership committee approval Non-Voting
Affiliate Member ICRM Any interested individuals, non-practising professionals 200 150 Open for application Membership committee approval Non-Voting
Full Member Certified Professional Mediator(CPM)

Received formal education and/or training, and/or practising professionals 4000 Recertification after three years Open for application Certification/
Examination Grade on B or above

The examination fee is HK$1000 for each professional designation. If a participant has any financial difficulty, compassionate grounds, or unemployed, please apply to the Institute for special consideration on waving a partial or whole payment of the related fees.