CRP Members Profiles

Certified Risk Planner - Members Profile

The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management (ICRM) is the widely recognized and most influential professional, accreditation, and certification organization in the Risk and Crisis Management industry and consulting services industries today. With more than 1500 members the CRP's education and qualification framework supports personal and professional developments for the risk and crisis management services industries, on an international basis. To verify the valid holder of CRP, please contact the Institute by email at

Academic Qualifications:
Degree : 83
 - PhD : 5%
 - Master : 65%
 - Bachelor : 80%

Professional Qualification
 - Professional Dip / Dip : 27%

Job Positions:
 - Executive : 8%
 - Senior Mgt : 20%
 - Middle Mgt : 40%
 - Professionals : 40%

With the prominent achievements in their serving industries, and professional contributions to the society, and/or our Institute, we are honored and delighted to have the following respectable and distinguished members as our Fellow Certified Risk Planner (FCRP) 核准風險評估策劃師資深院仕:



Prof Danny S.N. Wong Vice President (Academic) The Open University of Hong Kong
Prof. Simon S.M. Ho Vice Rector (Academic) University
Dr. Joyce Chang, JP Head of Dept. of SW University
Dr. Albert W.K. Wong  Chairman & Director Financial Investment
Mr Billy K.F. Ng  General Manager Manufacturing
Mr Collin Lau M.D. Banking
Miss Daisy M.H. Lam President Professional Training & Consulting
Mr Daniel T.L. Tao Manager Public Transportation 
Mr Danny Ha Director Private Owned Company
Dr. S.W. Chung Director Manufacturing
Dr. C.Y. Pang CEO IT Technology and  Management
Miss Terrenz Y.H. Wong Director University
Miss Eva  O.W. Lam Manager Banking
Mr Ivan C.P. Ng Financial Controller Real Estate and Property Investment
Dr. Jacky C.W. Lam Director Infrastructure 
Mr Louis Lam Lo Director Hi-Tech Printing Company
Mr Law Siu Hung Paul Chairman Motor Group
Dr. Freddii Lee Director Business, & MMgt Consulting
Miss May S.Y. Tsue Finance Manager Oilfields Services
Mr Paul K. M. Ng Sr. Property Manager Properties Mgt Services
Mr Raymond S.K. Fok Principal Lecturer University (UK)
Mr Stephen C.K. So Financial Analyst Financial Investment
Mr Wong Ching Lim AGM Aviation
Mr S.H.Tam Chairman & Director Financial Investment
Mr Timothy K.W. Ma, JP Executive Director NGO
Mr Kwok Hin Ho Investment Advisor Legal Representative
Miss Useyama Anna District Director Insurance
Mr Davis K.P. Wong Executive Director Property Management
Mr Tsui Kwong Kin Director Construction
Miss Chung Rose District Director Insurance
Ms Choi Kwan Li Glendy Executive Director Eco Con., Agricultural Tech & Infrastructure
Mr Raymond W.M. Mok GM Branded Business in Electronics
Ms Cheng Kit Yi Florence Manager Banking
Miss Fok Sing Yan Joyce CPA Oilfields
Ms Lau Ying Ha Esabella Manager University (UK)
Ms Wai Kin Man Yvonne Manager Hotel
Ms Zhang Jia Qi Director, VP Private Enterprise
Mr Jacky Luk B&J Marketing Consultancy Ltd CEO