CCP Program

Certified Continuity Planner (CCP) Training and Certification Course

This course is an interactive training program that provides principles, concepts, methodologies, tools and hands-on experience to help attendees understand the key components of risk impacts, emergency/contingency operations, crisis leadership, business continuity, disaster, and recovery management. This course covers relevant standards, local laws, regulations, and best practices, the process of risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, loss prevention, risk mitigation, the development, implementation, testing and maintenance of plans and procedures, and corporate improvements and objectives.

In addition, careful attention will be paid to the operational processes by which disaster/crisis management and business continuity programs are initiated with an eye toward corporate objectives and settings. The tools provided will allow planners to perform systematic audits in accordance to appropriate standards and regulations, and organizational settings. Emphasis on audit requirements and documentation will aid in the evaluation of records, organizational roles and responsibilities, process flows, operational improvements, corporate oversight, and business renewal.

Novice & experienced corporate planners, business managers, professionals
Internal & external IT professional, auditors, internal control specialists
Personnel interested in self-assessing programs
Personnel assessing program for clients
Personnel performing an audit to better measure their state of preparedness
Personnel pursuing the new career

2.5 Days - includes 3 hours’ examination

Upon completion of the course, the professional is familiar with the: designated examination format; Professional Practices for Business Continuity Planners; methods for creating and managing a planning project; and actions to be taken within a hypothetical business continuity planning case. The course is also to assist participants in preparing for certification as a Certified Continuity Planner (CCP) or Certified Continuity Examiner (CCE).

  • General Principles in Business Continuity Planning
  • Introduction to the Principles of Risk Management
  • Introduction to Business Impact Analysis and Business Vulnerability Assessment
  • Developing Business Continuity Management and Strategies
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Response
  • Implementation of Business Continuity Plan
  • Awareness Training and Self Improvement Programs
  • Exercising and Maintaining Plans
  • Crisis Leadership and Coordinating with External Agencies
    • Written Project Assessment: Formulating a Continuity Plan for PANDEMIC INFLUENZA

Course Handouts:
  • Print and Electronic Versions of all Presentation Materials
  • Excel Spreadsheet tools for Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis, Strategy Evaluations, Awareness and Training, and more
  • Word document templates and a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

The CCP is a rapid business continuity planning refresher course covering the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Professionals in preparation for the ICRM Qualifying Exam. This 2.5-day course features 16 hours of instruction followed by the Qualifying Examination. Instructors take a fast-paced approach to the Professional Practices with emphasis on BC planning and the knowledge, skills, procedures, and practices needed to effectively implement each step of the planning process.

Course: Days 1 – 2, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm Qualifying Exam: Day 3, 8:30 am – 12:00 noon Registration Fee: $12,000 Examination and certification fee by ICRM: $3,000

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