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Our Partners

ICRM has established formal partnerships with the following excellent quality organizations:



World Mediation Organisation :
The World Mediation Organization (WMO) is the premium network of global mediation centres based in Berlin, Germany. It is an international network of scholars and professionals dedicated to global mediation and conflict resolution. Institutionally it is linked to the Peace Operations Training Institute, American Military University, EUCLID (Pole Universitaire Euclid). The WMO provides a global recognized service in conflict management and education. By promoting a culture of peace, it is intended to create enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created by human interactions, states and organizations.



The Society of Professional Trainer for Occupational Health and Safety Limited



Academy of Professional Certification (APC) is a non-profit making, non-religious &, non-political organization. APC has prepared and trained thousands of managers and professional of various industries. Today, APC has gained a reputation and established itself as one of the leading providers of quality corporate and professional training, to help Hong Kong people achieve the international standard to enhance the work, and their chosen career.



(Australia) Pty Ltd
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SabeNet is a comprehensive extranet that provides a range of resources tools, articles, presentations, white papers and other helpful risk management and corporate governance resources for our clients, members, and friends.
SabeNet consists of two parts:
Public Access area - provides limited information about risk management, corporate governance issues, and upcoming events.
Client Only Access area - this restricted area provides a range of resources tools, news articles from around the world, presentations, white papers, links and other helpful risk management resources for our clients, members, and friends. Refer to "Client Only Access will give you access to" section below.



Security Consultants International

Security Consultants International is a specialist in security system planning and design. They can assist you in the development of technical and system specifications as well as site reviews for Total Risk Management ensuring a security package to meet your needs and budget



Security Consulting

SECURITY CONSULTING is a division of 043731 N.B. LTD., a management holding company, incorporated in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick since 1987.

The owner, President and principal Consultant is William (Bill) Burk who has a wide background in consulting to business management since the year 1966. Bill has, for 42 years, obtained extensive knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry including industrial security in Canada and the USA. He currently holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation, having contributed to the development of exams for this world-wide certification.



SIMGSoft, Computer Monitoring Software

SIMGSoft specializes in security and privacy solutions; ranging from powerful PC monitoring to spam protection and secure data storage.



Dynamic Dragon International Consultancy Limited

A variety of professional consultancy service with high quality including Audit, Accountancy, Tax planning, Company Secretary, Trust & Nominee, Management in Information System, etc.



Professional Manufacturing Mentorship Association

PMMA is an independent non-profit association for manufacturing professionals and business owners in Hong Kong and China. The primary objective of PMMA is to promote knowledge and experience of ERP, Logistics, SCM, IT, and Management. An Organization for Manufacturing Professionals in Hong Kong and China.



Pinnacle Training Academy

Pinnacle International, formerly known as The Pinnacle Events is a leader in the conference industry in Asia, designing and launching its own brand of conferences and events. Pinnacle International is headquartered in Singapore with a supporting regional office in Shanghai, China . We pride in our ability to anticipate and read underlying socio-economic and investment trends in emerging and developed markets, creating brands and events to capture these opportunities and launching them with our clients and partners in both regional and international markets. Pinnacle Training Academy, a business unit of Pinnacle International, is a leader in the area of providing professional skills training to corporations around the world. We partner with leading educational institutions and think-tanks around the world to provide clients with the most up-to-date skills needed in the workplace. Our courses are carefully designed accordingly to market trends and demands. Trainers are selected and hand-picked by a rigorous and well-documented proprietary evaluation methodology. We also ensure that our clients are taught by the best names in each subject matter.