CRP-M3 (Top). Six Sigma Approach to Risk and Crisis Planning

With more and more peoples expressing concern about how the performance can be scientifically measured and complied with standards. It is crucial to your business that you know how to serve the customers needs in this area by increasing your public credibility and confidence in the operations. This course covers all the major concepts, knowledge, and strategies. On the one hand, it is to identify and prioritize value, quality, and cost improvement opportunities, on the other hand, it is to detail improvements for key performance variables while reducing total costs.

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Contents :
  • Understanding the key concept, and tools of six sigma
  • Application of sigma into the organizational products, services, processes, systems, and structures.
  • Integrating the 6Q into the business risk and crisis management planning
  • Developing the critical and creative thinking and best practices
  • Sustaining the critical success factors in the industries

CRP-DM (Top) Scenario Management (revised)

CRP-DM - Scenario Management (will replace CRP-M1 and CRP-M3) for Advanced Diploma Programme

Scenario Management Planning (SMP) is a fascinating process that takes business leaders, professionals, and teams on a results-focused journey into the future.  SMP, a proven approach, is a forward-looking strategic change management program. It helps to formulate excellent new ideas and approaches to driving future growth and anticipating the business risks and crises.  SMP also serves as an "early warning" system when elements of a future scenario become a reality, whether in the form of a positive opportunity or a negative threat.

Required reference book(s)

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Contents :
  • What is SMP, what role does it play in business, and major issues such as Globalization and Climate Change
  • Where does SMP fit with Strategic Crisis and Risk Planning, and benefits of SMP to the business
  • Who to involve in the SMP projects or situations, and future Scanning and Horizon Scanning
  • Introduction to the Scenario Management Planning methodology, covering the risk and crisis areas of Social, Methodological, Technological, Economic, Natural or man-made infrastructures, Political, Legal, International, Demographic and Environmental and how these have a cause-and-effect relationship between society, business and the environment.
  • Why SMP projects can fail, and common pitfalls, and its challenges in future

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