CRT Program

Introduction of Certified Risk Trainer (CRT)

To begin as a career risk management trainer, you first need establish yourself as a certified risk trainer (CRT). You accomplish this by attending an intensive and professional certification course and passing the final project and assessment. The demand for certified risk trainers is great. Next, it's time to find a job training!

Attendees will be able to apply skills learnt from this training at a practical level to identify sources of major hazards, threats, risks and crises and to prioritize decisions for their control. 

In addition to the professional development of staff, the organization should be able to prioritize resources to demonstrate that process risks and crises are adequately controlled, prevented and/or minimized. 

Certified Risk Trainer (CRT) in “Certified Risk Planner (CRP) programme” is a professional who can carry out in a responsible manner proven competencies which make up the body of knowledge and skills recognized by those who are experts in the integrated risk and crisis management. In order to be certified and accredited as the Certified Risk Trainer in risk and crisis management, individual must demonstrate the following professional qualities and competencies:

- Understanding the risk and crisis management: theory, tools, and applications.
- Become familiar with the principles of business organization system, business plan, workflow of products and services, and ROI/RONA
- Apply the risk and crisis management system, framework, mechanism, standards, structures, processes, practices, and strategies.
- Facilitate the risk and crisis management knowledge, skills, and technologies.
- Highlight the power of innovation and creativity.
- Focus on the people quality, credibility, integrity, mutual respect, trust, and crisis leadership and change.