PST Program

This advanced diploma course provides participants with the core skill sets, strategies, practices and models required for professional security trainers. Participants are guided through the concepts of security management in business organizations, then explore the knowledge and core skill sets, and finally analyze the training needs.

The unique course covers the policy and ethics of the security profession. Learners will be trained to perform successfully as a professional trainer internally in his/her organization or externally for clients who require the training.

This comprehensive programme is developed by experts from the security industry in cooperation with professionals from the public safety and security community to better prepare the security industry for the ever evolving changes it faces. This advanced diploma is certified by The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management, which recognizes the successful participant as a "Certified Security Trainer (CST)". Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be issued by the Institute to recognize the participant as an Instructor.

Module One: Business Organisation
Module Two: Professional Security Knowledge and Skills
Module Three: Security Training Needs and Analysis

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Designed for
  • Serving security, disciplinary officers, law enforcement agencies, and executives in the building and property management sector,
  • Executives in other sectors who wish to start their careers in the security and property management sectors.
  • trainers, and teachers in the training institutions or related security training organizations.

Medium of Language
Chinese (course materials will be in English)
Course Reference Books: will be recommended in class (optional)

Entry Requirements
  • Post Secondary or equivalent qualifications, or
  • Five or more years of work experience in the related field,or
  • Prior consideration for applicants with recommendation letter from their employer

Application Period
The programme commences in May each year, and the application deadline is 2 weeks prior to the commencement date.

Deadline for New Application:
Please refer to the course provider's brochure. 

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Member Fee: HK$8600 ($2800 x 3 + $200 application fee) (tentatively)
Non Member Fee: HK$9500 ($3100 x 3 + $200 application fee) (tentatively)
(Please check with the course providers)

Examinations of the courses followed by a candidate may be either by a written paper in the examination held at the end of the academic year of study, or by continuous assessment and participation of the candidates' performance in completing the requirements of these courses, and/or by a combination of these methods.  

On completion of the course, graduates are eligible to apply for a certification of CST when the overall examination grade on "B or above. For those who achieved the overall examination result below B grade, they will accept as an associate member (ACST) and need to pay the 50% of certification fee. When they are fully qualified for upgrade the level of full certification, they need to submit a new application form together with document of proof. Successful applicants will receive a Professional Certificate awarded by The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management, which recognizes them as a "Certified Security Trainer. They will be entitled to use the designatory "CST" in their name card or resume. For details of application of membership and fees, please refer to the membership of the website. For details of the examination, please refer to the brochure of the designated course providers or institutions. For download the application form for certification of "CST", please enter here for application form.

A mutual recognition agreement with ICRM and other professional associations will be signed based on the similar platform or mission in the future.

* It is a matter of discretion for individual employers/organizations to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.* 

(In-house class is also available, for details, please contact our Institute or HKMA) 

*本會保留更改上課日期、時間、地點、師資、內答及單元授課次序作出調配、更改、 取消之決定權

The ICRM reserves the right to cancel or postpone its programs in the event of insufficient registration, instructor or facilitator illness, severe weather, or unforeseen circumstances. In the event of programme cancellation, registrants will be notified immediately and all fees will be returned in full by the course providers. 

The Institute of Crisis and Risk Management reserves the rights to make alterations to the contents of the programme or any course or module of the programme without prior notice. These messages on the website do not form any part of a contract and/or formal membership between any person and ICRM.